Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ghost in the Shell project I been working on with some friends
Stay tuned :]

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Max to ZB Tips

Get a few questions on how to managed meshes in ZB with out it getting to heavy and crashing
This can be a useful technique, I use  from time to time for small mesh object that will be repeated though out the mesh...... like clips and stuff or also very useful with blades and sharp objects as well.

Smoothing / dividing using Smoothing Groups as apposed to supporting edges to avoid heavy mesh density on edges. This is to have better poly dispersion across mesh, lower polygon counts for Zbrush.

hope it helps :]

1 - Showing Cylinder001 supporting edges and Cylinder002 with no supporting edges
2 - Adding Smoothing Groups to Cylinder002
3 - Adding TurboSmooth with Smoothing groups checked to Cylinder002
4 - Uncheck Isoline display
5 - Import into Zbrush and reconstruct mesh if needed
6 - Cylinder001 and Cylinder002 divided 6 times - showing differences