Friday 2 December 2016


Apocalyptic Mech for ZBrush Summit Sculpt - Off

Entry at Zbrush Summit 2016 for Sculpt- Off
Image was started with zsphere, Model took around 2 hours + - and renders and pshop comp took up the remanding 1 hour


Midnight Noodles


 Verdgris Material Tests


Pre-orders available for Ikol Bust Print email me at
Below are some of the 3D renders followed by 3D print done for testing purposes.
Final Print will be done by ownage and stand 8 Inches tall and will be grey resin.
Once the Print is done by ownage will have more info regarding parts and such. 

And the prototype I printed on the FormLabs Form 2 Printer for testing purposes. Print stands 6 inches and final product will stand 8 inches tall and grey resin (Final print will be done By Ownage)

Bust Tests

Some tests for a print I am working on .....testing on Formlabs 2 3D Printer
Model is separated into 4 parts and hollowed for draining (only head and arms printed so far) - printer at med resolution 0.05mm .... these are just personal tests to see how much to push details for a full figure .... will keep updating till final form

Monday 12 October 2015

Sharing some stuff from the summit as promised
Custom UI IMMBasicTech Brushes and Fuctifino Matcap tweaked by me but original matcap by Monte-Cristo (not sure if they still around ?) screwed up name its Fuctifino
IMM just simple tech parts used for the Mantis in the sculpt-off - hope they useful and they Free :D

and you can here me blabbering -  Here .:. -

Entry for the Sculpt off at the zbrush summit 

 Mantis Sketch

Still first pass Wip model for demo at the ZBsummit  - will keep showing as it progresses

Monday 7 September 2015

MGS Snake

Playin around with Keyshots cell shading, still experimenting with few ideas and techniques.
Keen to play the new metal gear just do not have the time atm..... so this will have to suffice for now.
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Personal sculpt I have been working on just playing around with toon shader in KeyShot, did a couple of passes then comped the images in Photoshop
Less crunchy -…/zzz-f93b8d07-77c0-4d29-9c8c-33…
 Zbrush View

Monday 17 August 2015

NItro Mech - Sapphire Tech V1

Nitro Mech for Sapphire Tech R9 Series graphics cards
Was a loose mech I had done few years back and the client just needed some quick images on tight deadline 

Product shots 

Monday 2 February 2015

ZBrush 4R7 Beta tests

Tests with the early beta version of zbrush for the Keyshot Zbrush Bridge

Monday 26 January 2015

Monday 17 November 2014